How are these Programs Funded?

Utah energy efficient programs are funded through tariffs agreed upon by the utility companies and the State of Utah Public Service Commission.  


Most tariffs are added to your monthly utility bill, so these programs are funded by you, the utility customer.  


Read more about the State of Utah Public Service Commission.   "The primary responsibility of the Commission is to ensure safe, reliable, adequate, and reasonably priced utility service...

Attic Insulation

  • Tier 1 - A minimum of R-19 must be added.   

    • Homes with less than an R-38 and are 3 years old

    • Dominion Thermwise Rebate $0.25 per sq. ft.   

  • Tier 2 - A minimum additional increment of at least R-11 must be added

    • Dominion Thermwise Rebate $0.07 per sq. ft.

    • Homes with less than an R-30 can qualify for both a tier 1 & 2 rebate

  • Other restriction may apply

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Air Sealing

  • Single Family 1-4 Homes.  Must meet Air Sealing Specifications.

  • Dominion Thermwise Air Sealing Rebate $100 per install + $.18 sq. ft. of conditioned floor area not to exceed a total rebate of $850. 

  • Authorized Dominion Thermwise Contractor Installation Required.

  • Other restriction may apply.  Dominion Thermwise Air Sealing Specifications

EPA - Guide to indoor air quality  Care For Your Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality (PDF)(3 pp, 2 MB)


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Duct Sealing and Insulation

  • Single Family.  Must meet 2011 Duct Sealing and Insulation Specification.  

  • Dominion Thermwise Rebate $100 plus $5.25 per linear foot (not to exceed $450).  

  • Up to 66.6 LF of duct sealing and insulation

  • Duct work must be located in an unconditioned attic or crawlspace.  

  • Authorized Dominion Thermwise Contractor Installation Required.

  • Other restriction may apply.  Dominion Thermwise Duct Sealing and Insulation Specification

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