"SRP is one of the most "customer Focused" utility companies we have ever worked with.  - Home Energy Experts


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Lower Your SRP Power Bill!  We can Help!

Over 6,000 homeowners per year turn to us for answers.  We customize effective solutions that helps each of our homeowner get closer to their energy goals.  


Our energy efficiency practices align with local utility companies so home owners are more like to become eligible for utility incentives and rebates.  

SRP & Home Energy Experts are ready to do the dirty work!

SRP has one of the most "customer Focused" utility companies we have ever worked with.  Each of their energy efficient programs put the homeowner first.  

Many of these energy saving repair and retro fits are hot and dirty jobs that the other contractors are not equip or unwilling to tackle. However SPR's Participating Contractors know how to get the job done.  Helping you achieve the comfort you deserve the a chance to save energy.

SRP Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES)

SRP has help make this process irresistible.  They propose you invest in a two to three hour energy audit, called Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES).  After the audit is complete you have a viable road map for what you can do and why.  


Some of the prescribed actions can be completed by you, while others are completed by one of their participating contractors like us.  Some of the prescribed actions or fixes that are recommend have an incentive attached to them; add insulation, repair you duct work, and others.  When it makes sense for you to move forward and participate in the energy efficient measures and incentives SRP will credit your you the amount of money you invested in the audit plus $1 when you invest $200 or more in the repairs.  


The two to three hour audit that gives you all the answers to you homes energy inefficiencies did not c

Common Problems in Arizona that We Fix.  

  • Duct Work in the attic

  • Disturbed Insulation

  • Not Enough Insulation 

  • ​Windows or Shading Issues

  • ​Holes in the attic

  • ​Lighting Inefficiencies

Duct Work in the attic

The duct work is you heating and cooling distribution system.  You pay good money to cool or heat the air and we want to make sure that air is going where you want it to go.  

  • Leakage Assessment 

  • Insulation R-Value of Ducts

  • Static Pressure

  • Room Balancing

  • Flaws in design

EPA and Energy Star studies say that across the country 20 to 30% of the air that travels through duct work is lost. Is your duct work is in the attic? Do you have vents in your ceiling?  This can mean that you are not only cooling or heating your attic.


When you are loosing that much air out side you living area your home has created a suctioning or vacuum effect that can bring hot unfiltered air into your home.  You are lying in bed at night listening to the AC turn on cooling you home, and in reality you may have a uncomfortable amount of HOT air being suctioned into your home.


When this happens it makes you HVAC system work harder.  This will cost more monthly and the equipment life cycle can be shorten.  Both will cost you dearly in the long run.  


Getting you ducts in order is a logical place to start.  Energy experts

Damaged Insulation or Not Enough Insulation 

SRP's rebate insulation program helps the home owner qualify for the most insulation possible.  They will 

If you had solar installed ?  You may qualify for an insulation rebate based on the solar contractor and damaging your thermal envelope. Think about it... you paid for solar to reduce your energy bill and if your thermal envelope is not as effective you are not savings potential has not been met.  

Having holes in the insulation or displace insulation around the perimeter of the home (usually caused by the wind blowing) lowers the the whole homes insulation R-value, and creates hot room in the summer.  

Windows or Shading Issues

We can't ignore the sun stricken windows.  Experts have determined that 50% of the summer heat in your house comes through the windows.  

Holes in the attic

Yes there are holes in you attic.  An you are either suctioning air in or pushing air out.  Sealing the homes air barrier is more important that adding more insulation.  When you have a significant hole in you attic , the air traveling back and forth will eventually damage your insulation.  When your insulation is being suctioned into your home you also have to dust a lot.  

Lighting Inefficiencies 

LED lights have become the "Hot" topic of late . Even though they burn a lot cooler the incandescent lights and consume lsee energy.  naturally they have com a long way in producing desired colors and tones.  The price has also dropped making them affordable for most.  However the return on your investment is still 2 to 3 years out.  


But did you know "can lights" or "recessed lights" have a different set of energy problems?   Just swapping an incandescent for an LED light does not solve the real problem.  When the can lights are on the top floor you literally have a whole in the ceiling.  Which is a hole in you homes air barrier. Which allows the outside air and temperature of the attic to enter you home.  With that air comes insulation dust, fumes from you pest control treatment, fertilizers, etc.  


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Equipment heats up quick without enough ductwork Insulation