Did you know that outside heat can radiate into your home?

It is true. Air temperatures move in both directions across the insulation of your house.

R-values of insulation measure the amount of time it takes for heat to radiate through a material.

It takes approximately 19 minutes for heat to radiate through R-19 value insulation. Unfortunately, R-values do not take into account air leakage.  A roof with as little as 5 percent of its insulation missing can lose up to 50 percent of its R-rating and ability to insulate.  Many homes have insulation with an R-19 value, while most current building codes require R-38 or even R-60. You deserve better.

But that’s not all.

Every electrical line and light fixture creates a leakage point for air to pass through the insulation and take heat with it.  A simple can light creates a hole in the insulation that will allow as much as 20 hours of furnace run time to be wasted each year.

Can you imagine the waste created by 20 can lights placed in your ceiling?

What can you do?

Spray foam or other insulation into your attic and crawl spaces.

The 3 primary materials used to insulate homes are:

  • Spray Foam    - Spray foam is a special plastic that forms a continuous insulation barrier on walls, roofs, around corners, and contoured surfaces.  Traditional insulation must be cut to size and stuffed into gaps. Spray foam expands to fill holes and stays in place rather than sag over time. It tightly seals spaces around electrical outlets, light fixtures, and where walls meet windows and doors.

  • Cellulose    -  Cellulose insulation is the “greenest” of all insulation types because it is made from 80% recycled content. One of its primary advantages is sound-proofing. In most cases it is blown-in.

  • Fiberglass    - Blown in attics and rolled in walls and crawl spaces, this is insulation in its most basic form. It’s the pink stuff.

Let an expert help you make your best choice. After all, you want greater personal comfort and energy savings don’t you?

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There are many more place that spray foam makes sense.  Ask about Whole Home Air Seal incentives offered by your utility company.

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