Your home protects but does it perform?

With rising energy costs you need to get the best possible performance from your home. Maybe it’s time to check your home’s performance ability.

Your home is a complex environment with machinery to heat, cool, distribute air and protect your family.  Focusing on a single part of the system, like the temperature of your thermostat or the size of your air conditioning unit, can leave you short of the performance you expect.


You would not put great tires on your car and neglect its engine would you?

Consider the complete range of components that create your home’s heating, air conditioning, and air quality systems.  You must consider the elements that work together in order to generate and maintain steady comfort throughout the year.

Home protection holds inside air steady and keeps hot, cold, wet, or dry weather outside.

Do you even know the questions to ask when considering how to get the best protecting performance from your home? 

A few important questions to answer are:

•    Do you have any hot or cold rooms?
•    Do some rooms contain more dust than others?
•    Does your family deal with allergies within your home’s environment?
•    Do guests have an allergic reaction in your home?
•    Do humidity levels hold steady in summer and winter?
•    Is air temperature coming out of your vents cold when you need and warm when you want?
•    Is your heating and cooling system noisy?
•    How much do you spend monthly on utility bill?
•    Do you understand the buying power of dollars you are now spending?
•    Do you know how to calculate your return on investment when considering the performance that you want?

When you need answers you always speak with the experts.

Energy Experts are skilled and ready to test, repair, maintain, and upgrade the performance of your home.

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