It makes CENTS to make the SWITCH, and have new LED installed.

Swapping out tho old lights with now LED lights have been our our check list for a while.  Now is your chance to have them upgrade and have them installed for only $15.00, tax included.  

Lighting Facts

Lighting Output (Lumens)                                                                650

Watts                                                                                                  10.5

Lumens per Watt (Efficacy)                                                             61.9

Color Accuracy                                                                                     90

Light Color  (Warm White)                                                             2700

Save up to $219 over the life of the fixture.  

Savings based on a $0.12 per kilowatt hour and 4 hours of average daily use.

Old Recessed Lights let Dirty Attic air Into Your Home ...

& Increase Your Electric Bill

Unconditioned air can be suctioned or forced into your home through outdated can lighs.   

Sealing doors and windows is only part of the solution.


  • When set up a blower door and pressurize your home, we can tell exactly where the leaks in your home are. The thermal image  above shoes heat transfer from the attic to the home.  The light has been off for hours.  

  • New LED retrofit down lights can help seal off that unwanted dirty air form the attic.  

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Time to Have NEW LED Lights Installed
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Save up to $209 over the life of the fixture!