Do you know the amount of air leaking from your home?

If you have never tested then you do not know how much of the air that you spend money to condition is leaking from rather than staying in your home.  We can measure your loss and specifically identify where to fix the leaks.

Blower Door Testing


The blower door test measures a buildings overall air tightness.  Air leakage sites can then be located and documented. This test is typically done before final but after all other major work has been completed. 

Remedies for failing a blower door test include sealing:


  • intrusions from the attic into the living spaces.

  • air leaks around can lights.

  • air leaks around doors and windows.


Blower door testing measures the air tightness of your home.


By depressurizing your home and measuring the rate at which air infiltrates through imperfections in the building envelope, we're able to assess how much air, and money, is being lost through air leaks.  You can then estimate how much you're likely to save by fixing those leaks.


As part of this process, we will inspect the house with an infrared heat gun or even use theatrical smoke to pinpoint hidden air leaks.


An Energy Expert can create an effective road-map to further improve your home's efficiency.  Ask about Thermwise TM  Rebates in Utah.  

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Do you qualify for a Dominion Thermwise Rebate? 


Eliminate guesswork of where and why your are over spending.  

With Homeowners wanting an increasing complexity of architectural designs, and maintaining the increasing demand for energy efficiency while maintaining comfort, Energy Experts is on the cutting edge of making this a reality for new and existing homeowners.   Helping the homes mechanical systems efficiently respond to the extreme temperature and movement of air thought out to home while extending the life its equipment

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