Stop wasting your money!

The largest loss of conditioned air, air that you pay to heat in winter and cool in summer, takes place through the roof of your house.  If your home seems difficult to heat and challenging to cool, you might want to assess the condition and quality of your attic insulation.

Does your attic insulation meet current construction codes? 

If it does not, you are wasting money by conditioning more air than necessary and fighting more battle than necessary to create a comfortable home.  Overlooking insulation problems can negatively impact comfort, efficiency and the total performance of your most important environment – your home.

What is your attic’s R rating?   


R value is a standard measurement of insulation’s resistance to heat flow. 

Attic temperature can reach 140 degrees in summer.  Poorly insulated attics allow that heat to push into your house. Your air conditioner works overtime to reach the comfort levels you want and savings you need. 

Home Energy Experts meets R rating values and keeps unwanted heat away by covering your entire attic with blown in insulation which reaches the deep corners and covers the entire attic floor. 

Types of blown in insulation material include:

  • Fiberglass insulation As it bounces its way through the blowers to your attic, fiberglass creates millions of tiny air pockets that establish its insulating power. Fiberglass insulation settles very little and holds its energy-saving R-value well for a long time.

  • Cellulose insulation Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly product, fire and mold resistant, that is proven safe and effective.  It is made from recycled newspaper saving tons of wastepaper from landfills.

  • Spray foam insulation Energy Experts uses a seamless spray polyurethane closed cell foam insulation with just the right air and moisture barrier qualities. It is sprayed on as a liquid and expands within seconds to form a seamless insulation. Holes, exposed duct work and knee walls are sealed tight

Let the Energy Experts solve for all your home comfort needs.

Do you qualify for a Dominion Thermwise Rebate? 

A 5% misalignment of insulation in your attic will decrease your overall R- Value by 50%.  Your R-50 could be performing at an R-15.