When it comes to your home’s comfort; you either seal it or lose it.


Twenty-one percent of all energy used in the United States is used to heat and cool our homes!  It is one thing to spend your hard earned dollars to create comfort inside your home but do you need to pay for the backyard, front porch and neighborhood as well?

The envelope that you call your home can leak conditioned air out and unwelcome air in.

Some leaks are visible to the untrained eye – around old and untreated doors and windows for example. But most of your lost air flows through places you never see. An Air Seal is the solution.

The stack or chimney effect drives air with as much certainty as any fan. 

Cold air infiltrates your cellar, through leaks and cracks in the foundation and walls. Intruding air rises as it warms, working its way up through floors, walls, and structural defects like:

  • Furnace Room to attic chase

  • Leaks in attic top plate

  • Holes in your ceiling

  • Recessed lighting

  • Leaky duct works

  • The plumbing stack 

  • Poorly sealed attic floors and roof.

Minimize those leaks, seal your home, ensure its comfort and lower your utility bills.

Air infiltration can negatively impact the R-Value of your insulation.  You might think you have your home insulated because your insulation itself meets codes and quality, but air leaking around your insulation can reduce its quality.

Air sealing reduces the uncontrolled entry of outside air into your home.

Let the Home Energy Experts answer your questions with simple solutions.  

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Heat can be suctioned or forced into your home from the attic.   

Sealing doors and windows is only part of the solution.


  • When set up a blower door and pressurize your home, we can tell exactly where the leaks in your home are.  Basement, attic, kitchen sink or crawlspace we will find them.  

  • Not enough insulation or heat resistance (R-Value) will allow the attic heat to enter the home conditioned area at it weakest points.  

  • We find those week points and seal them up.  This also your insulation to be more effective.

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